Our Philosophy

You’ve heard it so many times, and we absolutely believe that life is about balance.

We all need to WORK so we can enjoy time to LIVE and naturally spend time with our friends and family to PLAY.

Plus having great relationships both personally and in business is crucial to your overall well being and success! Ensuring great relationships in business, and finding the right team member/s for you and your business is where we come in.

Why The Need To Change The Recruitment Process?

Having owned and operated several businesses over the years, and with a passion to help people both in business and personally, our Company Founder, Sheryl Woodhouse-Gardner has a totally different vision for helping business owners grow their businesses (and with the right teams). With a background in the corporate industries, and aligning herself with a group of professionals, Sheryl started her business 10 years ago.

Together with her dedicated team, including our COO, Kiara Woodhouse-Gardner (and yes, Mother and Daughter team), this is a powerful force of drive, determination, and enthusiasm.

Kiara’s background is in recruitment, and she has a wealth of experience in the industry (over 15 years), so it was a natural progression to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her ability to connect with both the business owner and the employees is unique, ensuring that it is always a win-win, harmonious working relationship.

Our Concept

The concept was simple: Break the cycle of businesses paying high recruitment fees, while still providing an outstanding service and delivering best practice results.

Throughout the past nine years Sheryl, Kiara and their team have been doing just that, and have helped 1000’s of businesses and business owners achieve amazing results and exceptional value. Initially focussed on the Hair & Beauty Industries, we have established that this fixed fee service can be offered across all industries.